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This might be helpful if you’re on Mastodon. I see a lot of statements like, “Boosts and favorites do not mean agreement.” Legally, a boost or favorite does, in fact, equate to agreement.

P.S. I’m not an attorney. Just lots of training every year on what might get me fired.

I’m considering walling off my and Mastodon usage. Lots of overlap (as others have pointed out). I can follow individuals here, of course, but there is, surprisingly, a very active classical music community over there. And I want to keep supporting

England are looking very strong in this World Cup. ⚽️

(Note: I used the internationally recognized “England are…” because this post is about soccer. We don’t actually speak like that in the States.) 😂

I may have missed an important detail along the way. I can set a Mastodon alias in, but a couple of posts today tell me I can follow and interact with Mastodon-only folks here? Do I have that right?

I did an accessibility scan a few nights ago. Those sites are predatory! Ever since, I’ve received emails saying, “You scanned your site. If you don’t fix your issues, you could get sued.” I get the importance of accessibility, but advocates like this aren’t advocates at all.

I’m not convinced that Fantastical is worth the cost of Flexibits upcoming price increase. It doesn’t offer groundbreaking features beyond the stock iOS Calendar app. Cardhop is an amazing contact app, though, so I may be willing to stick with Fantastical just to keep Cardhop.

My HomePod speakers no longer work with my television. I think it’s an issue with eARC. But I don’t have the bandwidth to care right now, let alone to go through all the troubleshooting it would take to fix the issue. The television speakers will work just fine for a while.

Mobile photographers!! Did you know there’s a new feature in Photos for iOS‽ You can select an object and Photos will mask it so you can copy. Woah! @maique, did you know about that? 📸

Y’all, I accidentally broke one of my wife’s favorite wine glasses as I was making coffee this morning. It took me four tries to tie my tie properly. And I almost put my left sock on first. What else does this day have in store?

Board meeting? More like bored meeting. Am I right? 😂

I want to love Craft because everybody loves Craft. But there’s a lot of friction for me and I just can’t make it work. I think I’d rather go back to Evernote (which I’m not going to do) than use Craft.

I signed up for a Proton trial a few months ago and have been unwittingly paying for a Proton account ever since. My preferred email address isn’t available for Proton, so my question is: Is it worth rerouting my domain just to use Proton Mail if it means leaving Fastmail?

Anybody else on iOS find that universal search isn’t working?

The production number in Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga always makes me smile.

I think that’s enough tweaking of the website for today. I tweak way, way too much. But my mistake this morning was visiting @vincent’s beautiful site, which is really what my site wants to be when it grows up.

Typography aficionados: auto-hyphenate a website or no?

🦃 As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!

Would this mean I can’t be a Tottenham fan anymore?

Enjoying a Thanksgiving meal with all three of my children. Two are now adults living their best life and one is just months away from his high school graduation. Very special. 🥲

I just filed additional information on previous feedback I submitted to Apple about the notable difference in one’s on-screen depicted location and real-time location in Apple Maps. Now I’ll wait for them to ignore it.

Today is the first of two Thanksgiving celebrations for us. My wife’s and my children will be joining us today. Tomorrow we will go to my in-laws’ home. For various reasons, they haven’t been able to host Thanksgiving dinner since we’ve been together, so this one will be special.

I’ve cut back on the websites I maintain for others. I’ve volunteered my time for the last couple of years because any income I receive doesn’t make the tax headache worth it. But tonight, I had to invoice for spending a stressful chunk of my day fixing GoDaddy email issues. 🤯

My Apple Watch Ultra has arrived. It’s beautiful.

I’m going to settle in and try to watch Andor again. I slept through the first episode a few nights ago. My fear is that I might actually not be a fan of the Star Wars universe of shows. But that would break young @gdp’s heart, so that can’t possibly be true.

🥶 Supervising the outdoor portion of a middle school event. It’s c-c-cold!