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I’ve been experimenting more with NotePlan recently and from a productivity standpoint, it works so well with how my brain works, I kind of wish I had delved deeper sooner. But, the dev just doubled the subscription cost to $14.99 a month. That’s astronomical for an app!

You didn’t realize you wanted to see a silly Corgi pic, but you do. You really do.

Question about VPNs

I know what they are, what they do, and why they’re theoretically useful. However, none of the public Wi-Fi networks on which I have ever tried to use a VPN has worked when the VPN is enabled. I’ve always had to use the open network and just be really careful.

In the States, I never use public Wi-Fi anymore. I always defer to my 5G connection. But on my trip to England, obviously, I didn’t have that luxury. I even had to completely delete the VPN app to use in-flight free messaging. Not even disabling it worked. It wasn’t until I deleted the app (and the profile) that I could use the in-flight Wi-Fi.

In short, I’ve never found them useful. Is that normal?

I’m a picky eater and rarely try anything new. My wife is quite the opposite. She finally convinced me to try a bite of her lunch one day on our recent trip. It was a meal I had sworn for years I would never have a desire to try.

Result: chicken curry is delicious.

I’ve never felt jet lagged before. It has an impressive stronghold on me this time!

This is probably the first time I’ve ever really felt jet lag. But traveling for 24+ hours straight was bound to bring it on.

Our time in Canterbury has come to an end. We travel home to the States tomorrow and life as we know it resumes on Tuesday.

One more day in Canterbury and then it’s back home to the States. This has been a poorly managed trip so I’ll be happy to have it come to an end. The next time I visit, it will be on my own terms.

Looks like we’re leaving the UK just in time for the really high temperatures to arrive: 31-32°C. It has been warm by their standards this week, but we’re fortunate to be staying in a modern hotel with air conditioning.

There are so many amazing restaurants in Canterbury. I really love this city.

Britain is much more violent when it comes to bacteria. In the States, we’re simply “anti” bacteria. But in Britain, they’re positively murderous. They’re bactericidal, even. And their soaps are better than ours; they don’t clean just hands. What do they clean? They clean ol the things.

Waiting for the first of two rehearsals before this evening’s performance at Buckfast Abbey. In this little hamlet, there is a post office, a barber, a produce market, and, curiously, an interior designer. Then there’s the Catholic abbey. That’s it. That’s all there is.

England bound.

Prep is done. Now all that’s left is the travel and the work. Heading to England tomorrow. Performing at Buckfast Abbey Saturday evening and will be in residence at Canterbury Cathedral Monday through Sunday.

The Terminal List. I knew it from the start and kept talking myself out of it. Great show!

I’m about to enjoy dinner with my two sons for the first time in a long while.

The power of branding: Zzzquil Ultra, 24 tablets = $18.99; Unisom, 80 tablets = $18.99. Same medicine, same strength. The tablets even look identical, which suggests they could be made by the same factory.

Final rehearsal before we leave for our artist’s residency in England next week.

Second earthquake I’ve felt today! There were four smaller between the two I felt.

This is a weird thing to be excited about, but I finally felt an earthquake. We’ve had a lot of activity in the Midlands of South Carolina over the last several months, but almost all of it has happened during the early morning hours and wasn’t strong enough to wake me up.

Just finished Peaky Blinders. While the show is generally unimpressive, with storylines that struggle for the viewer’s attention, especially after the second season, the acting is stellar. And the final episode is a masterpiece.

I’m not enjoying Peaky Blinders as much as I thought I would. It came so highly recommended. But I’ll stay until the end.

Surreptitiously placed on my desk this evening was a handwritten Father’s Day card from my step-daughter thanking me for being there for her and her mom. My heart grew three sizes tonight.

My wife paid off her car last week. I tempted fate by repeating the oft-used trope, “It’ll break down now that it’s paid off.” She took it into the shop today to have a knocking sound checked out. The knocking is coming from inside the engine and the engine needs to be replaced.