The Catalyst of Success · Gregory Pittman

The Catalyst of Success

I have argued that it is not the role of a team to make its leader look good. It is the role of the leader to make the team look good. The leader must provide every resource and opportunity for the team to succeed in its tasks. This theory is corroborated by the developers of Harvard University’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative.

Meta-leaders appreciate that to gain the commitment and loyalty of subordinates, they must first be committed and loyal to them. When “you’re it” for people who call you “boss,” the first question should be, “How can I make each of you a success?” If the people you supervise succeed, then you are much more likely to succeed in what you’re all trying to accomplish together.

You’re It: Crisis, Change, and How to Lead When It Matters Most by Leonard J. Marcus, Eric J. McNulty, et al.